About us


We are a group of students from the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina:
Nicolás Álvarez, Ricardo Matías Ferro Moreno y Nicolás Komañski.
We are going to Stockholm, Sweden along with our coach Martín Safe next April.

What is it about?

On November 15th, we took part of the Regional Competition of the ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) and we got the 3rd place in our region (South America/South) and 4th place in all South America. With this results, we received an invitation to the World Finals.

You can check out here the standings of the South America/South Region. We are the team 'Bahía'.

The ICPC is a team competition. Each team consists of three students.
During contest, each team is provided with a single computer and 5 hours to solve between 8 and 11 problems.

For further information, consult these links:

Why are we telling you all this?

It is not our intention to be annoying and tell our story just because we wanted to.
But we have a problem, the sponsors of the competition do not cover the cost of tickets to fly to Sweden.
We have estimated the cost of transportation to be at least USD 6000.

We created this blog so people could learn about our situation.
Maybe a company or an institution could get interested and offer some help.

As our campaign progresses, we will be posting how things are going.

We want to thank to all the people interested in our problem who wants to offer collaboration.
Just visiting the blog, you are helping us.

Nicolás Álvarez, Ricardo Ferro Moreno, Nicolás Komañski y Martín Safe

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